eBay: Captive Hearts

Forgot to post about this last wk ~ (it's been a very lively past week ^^; what w learning how to perform RNA isolation & shooting a rifle for the first time EVER, among other things <-getting out & active ~ oh yeah :D): I finally won smtg on eBay (that was actually a good deal!) \(^o^)/

(I think some ppl suffer from what is known as bidding finger & keep bidding just to come out the highest bidder, even if at the end, their final bid price for 8 manga is almost $300 <-true story (not by me but witnessed by me - I'm frugal, ain't no way I'm shelling out that much dough for just 8 bks :/).

(What I was trying to say is, I usually bail when crazy bidders come strutting along - thus I rarely win *3*).

The item in question won by me is CAPTIVE HEARTS! This is drawn by the same manga-ka of VAMPIRE KNIGHT & MERU-PURI. I figured since I liked WANTED & MERU-PURI, I might like this one too (haven't touched VAMPIRE KNIGHT yet - I want to see what the end is like bc right now it's all crazy stupid *got the details from my friend*).

So far, I'm kinda (−_−;)about it. To be more precise, I'm (−_−;)about the main couple. They're just too volatile in their emotions.

What's saving me are the side characters. Esp Megumi's mom & dad (shock ppl - the parents weren't killed off or shipped away conveniently on some business trip! Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ). They're such a hoot to watch :3

I still have 2 vols left so maybe it'll get better?

Maybe? (・_・;

*I wanted to PS her speech bubbles to say NOT LIKELY but I'm posted this from my phone ^^;*

[we'll see when I blog about it on SPOILS]

Down ~

Was randomly looking at manga on mangafox today (not sure why). I looked for the first newest completed series there was (because I'm a lazy person who likes to read her manga all in one sitting). The manga I found was called Boku Kara Kimi Ga Kienai. I'm only on chapter 1 but this one scene, which was totally innocent, had me cracking up:



Please tell me I wasn't the only one thinking: OMG IT LOOKS LIKE HE WANTS HER TO GIVE HIM HEAD D:
I mean, look at where he's pushing her head towards and what she's looking at!

[Also, wtf is with that SQUEEZE sfx!? He ain't squeezing her head...so it makes you wonder what that OTHER hand of his is doing...the one that's NOT SHOWN...]




In one sentence...I'm a bishi loving, manga reading, video game playing doodler who likes to practice translating, reading Comic Sylph, and using profanity to sprinkle up my posts ~

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