Tweets of 14th June


Off to hunt mosquitoes ~
06-14 21:16

@tsurara xD like your description about the later vols - " overstays its welcome" xD thank you for your opinion ~
06-14 21:15

Do expect much Harvey Angst though - it's not a Kieli book w/o Harvey Angst xD
06-14 20:30

Kieli LN #3 - surprisingly good! Been devouring it in my free time. Thankful I held off on reading it earlier bc once done I have #4 here ~
06-14 20:30

@tsurara :D awesome ~ I've been (slowly) collecting La Corda but I've held off on SA due to mix reviews. Would you recommend it? :)
06-14 20:28

@MyUniques totally - who sticks a stranger's dirty finger in their mouth. You can get sued for that here in the US xD
06-14 19:54

@tsurara whoa snap - what'd you order? One series w 20 volumes? :D
06-14 19:51

@MyUniques (totally get what you mean by that - the creepy seems to increase w age ^^;)
06-14 19:50

@MyUniques x3 congrats on finding a RL person who likes anime & isn't creepy xD
06-14 19:49

@chungkyMW Aki-Iro Kimi-Iro!!! XD whoot!!!
06-14 11:23

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Tweets of 13th June


@non8noninfinite but I'd be very worried if FB had more users than actual ppl on earth...
06-13 21:14

@non8noninfinite I think some ppl make fake accounts - no idea why. Maybe to increase their friend list or do illegal stuff?
06-13 21:14

@Omarissister either that or there are only so many ppl left who don't have one yet xD
06-13 21:12

@chungkyMW ah, here it is: (nothing special on it so far - just blah blahs xD)
06-13 12:31

@chungkyMW just a side blog for my blah blahings xD Spoils is more for Sylph stuff ~ Sweet Alchemy is for fun :)
06-13 09:23

It was a debate between FC2 and blogspot but I'm liking FC2 a lot 8D Plus I just posted from my phone ~ W-I-N ~
06-13 08:47

Man FC2 takes some getting used to ^^; I keep clapping myself (no I didn't misspell - it's supposed to be clapping, not crapping xD)
06-13 07:36



In one sentence...I'm a bishi loving, manga reading, video game playing doodler who likes to practice translating, reading Comic Sylph, and using profanity to sprinkle up my posts ~

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