Heck yeah, go college education!

For one of my summer classes, we're doing research w mosquitoes. We set up traps & the next day collect them before taking them back to the lab to analyze the skeeters caught. We have a notebook used to record data like the time the trap was set out, trap #, etc. In this notebook we also write notes that may be of importance. Weather, status of the trap, & problems are some of the things we may note about.

This morning I went trap collecting w a classmate & I noticed a note was written by the person who had set the traps out yesterday concerning a certain location:

"Smells like butt"

Me: !(◎_◎;)

Thinking I was half asleep still (we pick up SUPER early), I showed my classmate the note.

Her: Σ(・□・;)

So yes, nice to see all these years of higher education just doing wonders on our vocabulary.

But to be honest, the spot did reek. Not sure if I'd say butt-like, only bc I've not taken it upon myself to see what one smells like xD

The Reason Why I Have a Zipper on the Front of My Shirt

Random conversation w my boss:

As I was waiting for the computer to load I noticed my boss was wearing a shirt w what looked to be a zipper on the front. This isn't a Square Enix game where zippers can be found anywhere and everywhere so I enquired about it.

Me: "Sir, why is there a zipper on your front?"

Him, straight-faced: "Why it's for breast feeding."

Me: !(◎_◎;)

Him: (^_-)

Apparently I made an awesome horrified face bc he bursted out laughing.

(in case you were wondering, the zipper is to hold an ID or smtg small close by)

Later on he asked: "You must not believe a word I say, huh?"

Me: "Depends. That picture of the Tiger Moth I didn't believe (it was a pic of a moth w a tiger face pasted on its wings) but I can see you breast feeding."

Him: xD

Somehow the conversation turned to coming to work late in the night. I told him to be careful bc you never know who might be out there. He jks & asks who would be out here? The bogerman?

Me: "You never know! Your breast-feeding shirt might turn him on!"

Him: "Gotta keep my lovely chesticles covered huh?" ^3^ *puts his head on the his desk & laughs*

Yeah, I taught my 60-something yr old professor the word CHESTICLES. He thinks it's the greatest shit ever xD

Thanks to this exchange, I'll forever think of any shirt that has a zipper on the front as breast feeding shirt thanks to my boss/teacher

Camel Rectum

Here are some random pictures I took on an excursion to Target recently ~

Lol fail Target. Brownies next to a weight loss item?

Still better than the beer pong set next to the children's board games xD

This is just fucking scary. I mean, look at it! Who thought having a jewelry holder fashioned as a well dressed woman w flipping wire tentacles growing out of her neck stub and arm pits was a good idea???
Yeah girls TOTALLY want this proudly displayed on their vanity!!!

Doesn't this look like a scene from Terminator, except the killer robots dress quite darling & carry large purses? XD

I put this picture bc I thought this thing was some kind of fugly DS stylus xD In actuality it's a lawn gnome!
Hey it was in the electronic clearance area! You don't normally find lawn gnomes there!

I did not pose this or anything. I went to sniff around the bks & this guy was displaying himself loud & proud in his undies.
And this bear is a character in a children's bk. Isn't it a crime to expose one's self like this to minors??? Are bears an exception to the rules?

I've finally started to watch an anime (my last being Tears to Tiara oh so many months ago)! The anime is titled Nabari no Ou. As I was popping the DVD into my player, I noticed the words behind the main character & wanted to see if they had any meaning.
As you can see from the pen tip, my eyes zeroed in on the word BUTT (・_・; Not entirely sure what that's doing there...
Now that I look at it again, I read SHINOBI BUTT... just what kind of ninja anime is this??? OAO|||

Shinobi butts aside, earlier I blogged pictures I drew on my boss's white board. Seems he finally noticed the prairie dog one & drew this in response:

XD lol what???? I knew he didn't like them but a target???

I edited the picture when his back was turned. He only noticed today when one of his students spotted it:

Ah good times xDDD

[oh & the reason for the title? I was digitizing slides into my boss's computer when a work pal of his came in & they began to talk. The pal asked me about my boss's slides & I jk-ed they contained some WTF stuff. The guy nodded & said his prof had all sorts of nasty pictures since the prof specialized in diseases (no kids I don't mean nasty as in nekkid porn girls but nasty as in maggots growing in open wounds & skin falling off xD). He & my boss get talking about their old days & I turn to put in a new batch of slides when I hear "you know, like camel rectums."]
[LOL WHAT???? ( ̄◇ ̄;)]
[Pal was talking about the icky stuff his professor had slides about & I guess one was of a nasty ass camel butt xD Was so random I decided to use that as my blog title haha!!!]



8D Ah this summer is turning into one of many adventures for me. Today at work, I tagged along with my boss as he went to see the welding progress the masters students were doing for one of their project (making cages to catch wild hog in). One of the masters students, who we'll call El Baldo, is also the leader of the research project I am assigned to - thus he knows me. I helped out earlier with unloading the supplies and watching another masters student, who we'll call Frank (due to a silly anecdote that happened in class last semester), practice cutting and grinding. As I was watching Frank weld, El Baldo asked if I wanted to give it a try.
At first I was thinking, fark no
But then I remembered my friend @arkynox's words - try to say yes to everything ~
While I will always say no to drugs and performing a complete body wax (bikini watch not optional) on fat Mexican men , I decided, what the hell, and said let's do this bitch to El Baldo.
Okay, I didn't say the bitch part but you get the idea
Suited up in the gear Frank had worn (this really heavy jacket, thick gloves, baseball cap, and face shield to prevent face melting), El Baldo gave me a quick run down before setting me loose.

[Not before standing a good meter and a half away justttttttt in case I farked up bad and somehow caused an explosion]

Glaring at the metal before me, I aimed the torch...and pulled the trigger.
Then everything went dark and sparks started flying.
I had a mini freak out which thankfully El Baldo couldn't see due to the mask. Turns out the face shield I had on goes dark when the sparks start flying to prevent my eyes from toasting due to the brightness of the flame) - YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME ABOUT THAT LITTLE DETAIL SIR BALDO!!!

[I'm sure the little turd was laughing behind his mask...]

Prepared this time, I pulled the trigger and successfully(?) welded a bead. From what Frank and El Baldo said, it wasn't too bad for a first try 8D Yay ~


[Of course, they probably started laughing their asses at it once I was gone ;___; Stupid men]

Tomorrow I'm going to weld some more 8D Hopefully I'll remember to have my camera on me for pictures ~

FFXIII update

It's sad when the battles to get the summons on your side by beating the shit out of them are harder than the actual boss battles >___>;

And now I want to eat my face...


The other day I went to do some shopping at Target. I stopped at the pretty-me-up section (make-up section), wanting to get some of that face peel stuff (peel off mask? I think that's the term). After walking around in circles (because all I could find were the WASH THE ACNE AWAY face washes and the WASH THE YEARS OFF YOUR OLD FACE YOU HAGGARD OLD BITCH face washes), the elusive PEEL YOUR FACE OFF stuff was found! As I grabbed a cucumber one, my eyes zeroed in on the words CHOCOLATE.
It was a chocolate face mask 8D
Remembering an old slumber party where my friends and I wore such masks (damn the fact we are all spaced out now ;A;), I grabbed one for nostalgic sake.

Oh man, this stuff totally smells like chocolate <3 It took all I had in me not to start licking my face xDDDDD
And my skin felt so silky smooth afterwards ~

ANDDDDDD, that's about it for this post xD
Oh, and my boss/professor has yet to find that little doodle I left on his board. Either that or he's REALLY good at hiding his emotions O.O

[If you're wondering about the :P girl in the picture, she's an OC of mine. However, her personality is way off xD She's supposed to be emo and shiz. I'll just pretend she's older because her older self is more happy like this ~]


In one sentence...I'm a bishi loving, manga reading, video game playing doodler who likes to practice translating, reading Comic Sylph, and using profanity to sprinkle up my posts ~

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