bk1.jp order ~

Yay ~ my bk1.jp order came <3

Actually it came last week but I was too late to pick up my package from the front office. Then Monday was a holiday so no pick up either...

Oh well we have today & today said here's your package child ~

W the $ to yen so shitty right now, I only got a little bit of manga ~ Mostly Sylph stuff:

Shinigami Doggy vol #1
Sora Kara! My Nanny vol #1
Shiro Ari vol #1
Zeele Sacrifice #3
Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteru #5
Akuma to Duet

Now that I have the first volumes of Shinigami Doggy, Sora Kara! My Nanny, & Shiro Ari, I can finally understand what's happening in the recent chapters! ♪( ´▽`)

Though I've never read the series, I love the artwork so happy days when I saw there was an artbook for Amatsuki. It's so cute. And in hardback. Feels like I'm holding on to a kid's picture book x3

The reason I made my order in the first place: Comic Gene. I remember thinking I'M SO GONNA GET THIS WHEN IT COMES OUT! but then I promptly forgot about it xD I haven't read anything yet but this magazine is sure kind on the freebies. Not seen is the mini artbook that's inside :O and some CD ~

Don't worry - Comic Sylph will always be my favorite. Speaking of which, the newest issue should be here soon!

Yay ~ behind ~

Fire Burning

[ZOMG I LOVE MY PHONE AGAIN!!!! See the reason I say this is bc I typed up this entry on my phone about a few days ago. Just as I was uploading a picture I got a phone call from my friend (we were scheduled to talk/gossip about our weekly events ~). I cancelled her call real quick so I could save this entry for later editing. However her call caused me to touch my screen which caused the photo I uploaded to devour 3/4ths of this post. Freaking out, I kept trying to undo & she kept calling back & I accidentally hit the scene again, preventing my ability to undo...& the whole entry got farked]

Σ(・□・;) ffffff

[After rage quitting fc2 for a couple of days I come back on to find the app saved my old entry]


[So happy!!!!]
[Now I can give more detail about that fire I tweeted about ~]

I was working on a snippet of Miyako when I heard a knock at my door. Usually the only ppl to knock on my door are the UPS dudes & my creepy neighbor. Praying it wasn't my neighbor trying to ask me out again (I don't date dudes who are my dad's age :/ gah why can't the cutie from work live next door instead!), I opened my door to find 2 surprises: the one at my door was a woman & the air was filled with smoke & little bits of burnt material.

[This isn't normal in case you were wondering]

The lady told me there was a fire & if I had my car parked nearby that I should move it for the firefighters.
Σ(・□・;)SAY WHAT???
I rushed back to my room to grab a vest (because I was kinda wearing one of those "skanky" tank tops - my hoots ain't hanging out but if I bent over you'd get a view of how flat I am xD <-reason I had that on was bc I was planning on cleaning later on...it's nasty in my apt xD), then got my bag, & dog before getting the fark out of there.

The fire was in a tree. Somehow it caught on fire O__o; I need to ask details on what happened. It thankfully was small.
What amused me was not one but THREE firetrucks came to put out this wienie fire xD And yes, those 3 trucks caught the attention of EVERY driver passing by (rubberneckers *rolls eyes*)

[Think the reason we got 3 firetrucks to respond is due to the fire warnings issued right now. Or bc my apt is like 2 streets away from the fire department~]

I got a nice spot to watch the whole thing (hey I had no where else to go! Not a rubbernecker *mumbles*). Glad it had shade bc 108*F is not pretty to sweat in. To keep Mr. Creepy from coming over I used my phone to talk to my dad. Loved his comment: HOW FARKING HOT IS IT OVER THERE THAT YOUR TREES ARE STARTING ON FIRE??? xD

Everything went okay. I wonder if the news will have anything as to the cause?

[EDIT: turns out the fire was caused by a branch on that tree touching an electrical wire ~ 3 digit weather didn't help either ^^;]

Now here are some photos!

A - picture of some of the cinders that weren't blasted away.

B - a burnt pine cone near me

C - not the best picture but if you glare hard enough at your computer screen, you might be able to see the burnt branches (the angle was off due to the sun trying to shove its face into the shot :/)

Hiso Hiso - Silent Voice

OMG this series is so adorable D: how did I miss you???

Love the dog's :/ expression xD

Daichi: I'm sorry I couldn't get you a car [for your birthday] mom :x

Mom: What are you talking about? These are beautiful!!! ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

XD how cute!!!

High five ~

Lol Daichi's dad...xD

Okay...enough picture spam. To work!!!


Ugh I hate driving to SP office. Esp when one hits Starstruck. For some reason the road goes from being paved w tar/cement to cobblestone! As if my car was sustaining enough damage driving on these roads .

My frigging goodness I think potholes in cobblestone are worse than those in normal cement/tar roads 8U and for some reason, right before you get to the SP office, there's this HUGE dip in the road. I swear if you hit that bitch fast enough, you can flip your car! I try to drive near the sides of the dip - your car only bounces instead of getting stuck nose first...

I'd take a picture of the road but I'm afraid the homeless man from last time will come stalking after me. It happened to my classmates last week (・_・;

Sorry for the pointless entry. I'm sitting here in the SP office waiting for them to tell me what to do. Note to self: bring a book next time. Damn, and I had a book in my bag too...stupid cleaning...

"So I was asked 'what should I name my baby?' I was thinking cherrybomb bc that's what she looked like at the time. But you know, people think I look like that star Selina Someoneprettybutoldsothenamedoesntringabell. I think Selina so she'll be sexy too?"

Random office conversation xD


Omg I love the stand up comedy presented by Luka & Hotsuma in Uraboku xDDD From chp 6:

*random dudes come crawling out of the ground in droves. Luka & Hotsuma are surrounded. And what do you think they say to each other to boost their fighting morale?*

Hotsuma: *tsk* What the hell, man. Why do I have to protect YOUR back? (♯`∧´)

Luka: Don't be an idiot - I'm the one who's going to be saving your ass (ーー;)

Hotsuma: The f you will, you snot nosed brat!!!! >:U

Luka: Snot nosed brat? =__=; no matter what you call me, I'm still your senior.

Yuki: Guys? We need to work together on this? T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R? (´・_・`)



In one sentence...I'm a bishi loving, manga reading, video game playing doodler who likes to practice translating, reading Comic Sylph, and using profanity to sprinkle up my posts ~

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