200 hits 8D

Wow! This blog actually got 200 hits! Not bad for an unknown blog on an unknown server written by an unknown user xD

It's kind of funny that Sweet Alchemy hit a milestone in page hits because my other site, Spoils, is about to hit its own milestone here soon. Maybe in the next few weeks? 8D Thanks to all for the blog hits ~

Here is a doodle to celebrate:


(lol to the fact she had the same expression I had when I saw this place was actually getting hits xD)

This is Zumy. She's a character from a short story I thought up randomly and might write about on this blog ~ (if I ever get the motivation to xD). It's really short and cliche but I like me da cliche so long as it entertains ~
Also, I drew her because 1.) I wanted an idea of what she looked like (in color) and 2.) I'm trying to practice how to draw damn eyes. Sylphalchemist does not like drawing eyes (trying to work on that). Coloring is fun but getting the little pieces of shit to work together is another matter (╬ ಠ益ಠ) Oh well, practice ~ I find I like moe moe eyes :3

We'll see how it goes for guys >___> Boys with moe moe eyes are a pedo's wet dream...

Anyway, random stuff besides saying YAY ~ 200 HITS!

While talking to a good friend, High C Cree (xD), I was looking up stuff on ebay because...it's fun to look at stuff on ebay and laugh at the going prices of stuff being auctioned. Somehow, the search term MANGA LOT, yielded this...disturbing auction:

[I put them as links just in case fc2 had some adult content restrictions or whatever. I guess the pictures are NSFW...if you can even tell what they are. It's not the content that's funny, it's the pictures themselves...and the price being asked for them. High C Cree had a good laugh so I'm hoping you all will too (unless you're the guy that drew them xD). They're not super nasty but it's...I can't describe it accurately without giving the surprise away. You just have to click on go WTF xD]

WTF #1

WTF #2

For those who are at work or just don't want to see the...special-ness in the above stuff, here's some POKE'MON videos I found 8D

Tweets of 17th June


@baka_girl Examiners are the ones who go to the scene & poke about the body. As a scientist, I'll be chilling in the lab analyzing stuff :3
06-17 23:55

@baka_girl was - already got my bachelors. Now I'm working on my masters - in Forensic Science =w=
06-17 23:45

@shinlopezk thanks ;D
06-17 23:44

@shinlopezk looks really weird -some dude just 0___o me as I'm tweeting this xD
06-17 23:34

@shinlopezk where I'm at doesn't have signal except for this window & my phone is plastered against it along w me so I can read the screen ~
06-17 23:31

Lol I must look like such a creeper - hugging this window to get a signal xD
06-17 23:30

@baka_girl theory? Like on how to make badass food? Is it like my bio major where I bk-learned more than did hands on learning?
06-17 23:29

@Omarissister there is much unease in my masters program btw the students - her & her friend vs another group vs another...no idea why tho
06-17 23:28

@Omarissister I think it's more her attitude to everything really. There are only a few ppl she doesn't bash in our program which is sad :(
06-17 23:26

@baka_girl :O cool! Is that like cooking badass food?
06-17 23:08

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Tweets of 16th June


@MyUniques Anything would be awesome xDD looking forward to it!!!
06-16 11:36

@MyUniques omg do you still have them??? You should post them 8D
06-16 11:28

@MyUniques xD your dad doodles??? Pssfft that's awesome o(^▽^)o mine doesn't. Dang
06-16 11:26

@hp_otaku what's worse is when the person has a friend w 'em so the person exchanges a "wtf idiot" look the friend :(
06-16 11:06

@MyUniques yessss!!!! I was like what??? Why that & not a star or flower??? XD
06-16 10:59

Don't you hate it when you ask someone to repeat what s/he said & s/he gets all huffy about it? Like shiz sorry! I'll just shrug next time
06-16 10:57

@MyUniques RT @sylphalchemist: Even Professors Do It... http://bit.ly/lunsQf
06-16 10:53

@frozenyogurt3 got it saved for future reference :) thx!
06-16 10:52

@frozenyogurt3 hell yeah - wonder if there's a poke'mon ver like that? Poke'mon was my childhood. Would love to see that abridged xD
06-16 10:49

@frozenyogurt3 indeed - the guy who does the voices is amazing :U
06-16 10:47

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Tweets of 15th June


@frozenyogurt3 yeah the credits are srsly 3 minutes long - no skip :/
06-15 09:50

@frozenyogurt3 yup - there's a trick to earn lots of money in the beginning so you can buy stuff to super power up your chara.
06-15 09:48

06-15 09:47

@MyUniques xD or assault w intent to harm haha
06-15 09:46

@MyUniques it was predominately male & they all spoke WoW so I was at a disadvantage from the start. The one girl there totally blew me off
06-15 09:46

@MyUniques +__+ the heck!? What a strange fellow! You'd figure she'd stick around & want to be your friend...odd >__>
06-15 09:45

@frozenyogurt3 I used the money trick - it made the game SOOO much easier (I have no gamer pride xD) so I just farted around beating shit ~
06-15 09:44

Beat Scott Pilgrim! Yay money trick - otherwise I'd have never played past lvl 1 bc it pissed me off so much ~
06-15 09:43

@frozenyogurt3 it's definitely cheap sometimes - enemies attack you off screen or attack RIGHT after a cut scene. Was hard at first.
06-15 09:41

@frozenyogurt3 it was released last year for PS3 & XBOX :) I think $10 (might have been $14)
06-15 08:53

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In one sentence...I'm a bishi loving, manga reading, video game playing doodler who likes to practice translating, reading Comic Sylph, and using profanity to sprinkle up my posts ~

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