Hana Ori Soushi fun

Random scene in June's chp of Hana Ori Soushi ~

Pidgey used Gust attack!!!

Dude: Shittttttt it's super effective!

Actually his face looks more like he's trying to take a dump & is failing hard. But I didn't know how to incorporate that into the fight scene. Trying to bust a turd in battle just...doesn't work right >__>

Anyway, don't force it dude. Was told your butt will fall off if you do that D:
Your BUTT!!!

(lol wtf - are those glow sticks in his hand??? XD)

Guy: "Our part is done. You're up Chiharu-san."

Guy: "Oh wait a sec. He's still kicking. Let's see, one good stab and..."

Chiharu: "Don't kill him!!!"

Like how the possessed guy is shrieking at Horyuu's attempt at KO-ing him xD

Sora Kara lol-ing again

Lol this was the chp that got me into Sora Kara My Nanny - well, more like the part anyway:

Dude: Hmm? What do you want?

Guy: "Shit's about to hit the fan?" "We have to get out if here ASAP?"
Is it the popo???
"Something even worse?"

Dude: Why's the ground rumbling like that? (´・_・`)


Hysterical Pedestrian: HE'S...COMING!!!

[Sylphalchemist: ... Psssfffttttt (he's coming huh? *dirty thoughts* xD)]

Pedestrians pooing themselves: IT'S GODZILLA VICTOR SMITH! Σ(・□・;)

He's coming - The Baggins Family's Nanny is coming!!!

(Sylpalchemist: PSSSSSFFFFT!!! xDD Stop thinking dirty thoughts. He still has his pants on xDDD So it's not THAT meaning of "coming")

Just feel that aura!!! His face can kill!!!

Boy be ready to pop a rocket up someone's ass (or whatever the saying is)

(Oh here hell come)

Victor: Your actions are inexcusable! (*`へ´*)

Prepare for my MAN CANON!!! It's molten hot spray will destroy even the toughest of strains! Taking aim w my other hand not seen here....this hand you see is to distract you all ;D (really look at the placement of his hand not seen. Based on how the shoulder is positioned, it's prob hanging down in that region xD)

Prepare to be spanked by the effeminate hand of justice!!!

XD gawd I love this chp. I didn't realize how pervy it could be until this dialogue took place xDDD

Heck yeah, go college education!

For one of my summer classes, we're doing research w mosquitoes. We set up traps & the next day collect them before taking them back to the lab to analyze the skeeters caught. We have a notebook used to record data like the time the trap was set out, trap #, etc. In this notebook we also write notes that may be of importance. Weather, status of the trap, & problems are some of the things we may note about.

This morning I went trap collecting w a classmate & I noticed a note was written by the person who had set the traps out yesterday concerning a certain location:

"Smells like butt"

Me: !(◎_◎;)

Thinking I was half asleep still (we pick up SUPER early), I showed my classmate the note.

Her: Σ(・□・;)

So yes, nice to see all these years of higher education just doing wonders on our vocabulary.

But to be honest, the spot did reek. Not sure if I'd say butt-like, only bc I've not taken it upon myself to see what one smells like xD

eBay: Captive Hearts

Forgot to post about this last wk ~ (it's been a very lively past week ^^; what w learning how to perform RNA isolation & shooting a rifle for the first time EVER, among other things <-getting out & active ~ oh yeah :D): I finally won smtg on eBay (that was actually a good deal!) \(^o^)/

(I think some ppl suffer from what is known as bidding finger & keep bidding just to come out the highest bidder, even if at the end, their final bid price for 8 manga is almost $300 <-true story (not by me but witnessed by me - I'm frugal, ain't no way I'm shelling out that much dough for just 8 bks :/).

(What I was trying to say is, I usually bail when crazy bidders come strutting along - thus I rarely win *3*).

The item in question won by me is CAPTIVE HEARTS! This is drawn by the same manga-ka of VAMPIRE KNIGHT & MERU-PURI. I figured since I liked WANTED & MERU-PURI, I might like this one too (haven't touched VAMPIRE KNIGHT yet - I want to see what the end is like bc right now it's all crazy stupid *got the details from my friend*).

So far, I'm kinda (−_−;)about it. To be more precise, I'm (−_−;)about the main couple. They're just too volatile in their emotions.

What's saving me are the side characters. Esp Megumi's mom & dad (shock ppl - the parents weren't killed off or shipped away conveniently on some business trip! Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ). They're such a hoot to watch :3

I still have 2 vols left so maybe it'll get better?

Maybe? (・_・;

*I wanted to PS her speech bubbles to say NOT LIKELY but I'm posted this from my phone ^^;*

[we'll see when I blog about it on SPOILS]

In the beginning, Sora Kara My Nanny was quite...ghey xD

Reading chp 1 & 2 of Sora Kara My Nanny made me realize this manga could have gone in a different direction had this been featured in say a BL magazine. I mean look at these suggestive images! XD

Joe: Be gentle ~ I'm illegal ;D


Leo: This isn't what it looks like

Next panel:


Allen: I need a smoke after smtg like that~

Leo: STFU KID! Stop suggesting things that could land me in jail!!!

Leo: Uh...what the fark do you think you're doing?

Allen: About to show you a whole new (illegal) world sweet buns <3

Allen: Now let's just get you comfortable ~ ^3^ (let me stroke your man nipples while my hands are here <3)

Leo: This isn't happening... :U

Allen: And prepare yourself to say hello to my little curious friend here

Leo: Ohohoho ~

HIS FACE! (this is truly the next panel after you see raepface Allen xDDD)

Lol to the random shojo couple pose xD

Do you see it? Is it just me!? XD


In one sentence...I'm a bishi loving, manga reading, video game playing doodler who likes to practice translating, reading Comic Sylph, and using profanity to sprinkle up my posts ~

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